Welcome to my world of maturity.


I know that podcast might be one of the ways I express myself but it’s not the only way and I would like to invite you into the other streams. These streams are conversations on things like the painful difference between those who have been loved properly and those who haven’t. They are audible expressions, visual sermons, and written blogs on how I didn’t have to be completely destroyed, in order to create something meaningful. My hope is that you’ll engage with these conversations and start having one of your own even if it’s with yourself.

Signed by Que Morgan


How it all started

It was all a dream I use to read word up magazine. I’m joking I’ve always had this ability to feel things in people that they often cover up.


How it became

My teacher said I talk to much. I told her that day please don’t call my dad. I can’t help it that talking is how I heal.