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Hello, my name is Que Morgan. Let me personally welcome you into my living room. From the walls of this website, you will be able to explore audible expressions, written blogs; and visual sermons on how I am yet being healed and encouraging others to do the same. My hope is that you’ll identify with these walls so much that they knock down every insecurity you have and push you into a place of total wellness. Let’s do all that we can to rebuild ourselves, and allow God to do the rest. - Que



Que is on the go…

Check out upcoming dates!

July 3rd - Annual Community Empowerment Day - 11am-3pm Beaudette Park | Pontiac, MI.

July 18th - Gospel Explosion - 6pm Flagstar Strand Theater | Pontiac, MI.

July 21st - Broadstreet Presbyterian Church - 10:30am | Detroit, MI.

July 21st - LIVE Q&A w/ Danielle Hughes - 6:30pm | Southfield, MI.

Thank you for coming to host our Educational Summit. I can’t even begin to express how much your passion bleeds through. Keep being great.
— Deleah Samuel-Sharp
You made our worship service amazing. I appreciate you for coming and being our speaker for the day! Thanks, Que.
— Pastor Coley Gracey
Que, when I thought about somebody to come and speak to the youth, I could only think of you. I appreciate your professionalism and your energy.
— Kaino Phillips